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Premium Quality Mental Health Care in Louisville, Kentucky provided by specialized and highly skilled professionals who respect and share Christian values

Are you looking for help? Feeling overwhelmed? Unable to fall asleep? Can’t turn your mind off? Having mood swings or anxious thoughts? In a ‘dark place’ and unable to pull yourself out? Unable to focus?

Have you been been diagnosed with OCD, Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, ADHD… or JUST WONDERING if you might be struggling with a medical or psychological issue?

Sometimes it is difficult to find the RIGHT KIND of help:

You might have called your mother to vent some of your emotions only to be told “it will all be okay.”

You might have confided in a friend, who, despite their steadfast commitment and dedication to journeying with you, has been unable to to fully comprehend the nature of your struggle (or your child’s struggle).

You might have sought counsel from a pastor or pastoral staff and subsequently found comfort and strength in your relationship with Christ, but continued to battle with impact of mental illness on your (or your child’s) daily life.

Perhaps you visited your primary care doctor and attempted to tell him/her your story, but were suprised when the doctor, working under the high pressures of Managed-Care, rushed out of the room in 10 minutes after writing you (or your child) a prescription for an antidepressant and Xanax.

Perhaps you searched the internet and found a random therapist, whose credentials and areas of specialization you have little understanding of, and took a long-shot by booking an appointment – only to find out that the therapist was a bit odd and lacked the specialized training necessary to treat the condition with which you (or your child) are struggling – assuming the therapist had the courage to tell you they lacked such training.

Perhaps it is time to TAKE THE NEXT STEP and seek out the RIGHT KIND of PROFESSIONAL HELP.

KPMHS Professionals

Our Board Certified mental health professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality professional care. The majority of our partners and associates have achieved the highest degree in their field (doctorate) and each provider has completed highly specialized training in one or more areas (e.g. OCD, depression, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, etc.) in order to ensure that the treatments that we provide are evidence-based and comparable to that which you would receive any Center of Excellence in the country.

Additionally, since the group’s conception, we have sought to build and maintain a Christian environment and culture within the practice. All of our providers are Christian and committed to working within a framework that does not conflict with the Christian Worldview. It is our goal to take advantage of modern treatments to relieve suffering in a way that respects Christian values, honors Christian beliefs, and glorifies God.*

* Faith-based approaches are only utilized when a client specifically requests it. We do not discriminate against non-Christians and do not impose Christian beliefs on persons of other backgrounds. Our doctors are fully capable of providing purely secular approaches to care by utilizing evidence-based approaches to treatment that meet the highest standards of competency.

Finally, we are committed to providing you with a VIP level of customer service and attention. As the quality of our current government-dominated healthcare system continues to decline, we seek to provide a higher quality private model of care. Rather than treat you as ‘a number,’ it is our goal to provide you with a ‘concierge’ level of service. When you hire one of our doctors, you are essentially hiring your own private doctor who will have the time and flexibility to be available as much or as little as you need.


We offer services to children, adolescents, and adults.

If you know someone who is struggling or you are struggling yourself, don’t hesitate to get help.

Give us a call at 502-339-2442 or send us an email at:

Patient Reviews

The following are excerpts from anonymous reviews gathered from several doctor rating sites on the internet:
Dr. Hutcheson:"Dr. Karen conducted our sessions in a manner of complete professionalism and true compassion. She was very articulate and able to explain complex psychological processes in an comprehensible way which provided realistic steps to mental wellness. She is someone who exudes health and clearly has a deep desire to promote health and healing in those around her. She helped to facilitate awareness, growth, and wellness in all areas including my relationships, my family, my faith, and myself. I would highly recommend her to all seeking to obtain mental health, but specifically those seeking recovery from trauma, struggling with adoption difficulties, or reintegration to the US from living abroad."
Dr. Nichols:January 15, 2014Mom and behavioral health professionalI don’t know where our family would be without Dr. Nichols. He gives us such sound recommendations and is so relatable. He really likes to puzzle out the issues of our (somewhat) complicated child, and then present us with options for treatment. We have followed him to several practices and locations and would not consider another psychiatrist for our child. I have recommended him in both my professional and personal capacity.
Dr. Chapman:“With Dr. Chapman’s guidance, knowledge, patience and his well thought out program, I can state that I would recommend Dr. Chapman and his CBT program to anyone suffering from any types of anxiety, depression, panic, and/or OCD symptoms. I have partaken in therapy treatments such as Psychiatry, various medication regiments, and even hypnosis, none of which found to be as successful as the CBT treatment provided by Dr. L. Kevin Chapman. My life feels renewed and I owe it all to Dr. Chapman!”
Dr. BriscoeSep 3rd, 2013Excellent PhysicianI would recommend Dr. Briscoe to a friend or loved one without hesitation. Dr. Briscoe treated me for about 7 years and I improved a great deal under his care. He has a great depth of knowledge in psychiatry and medicine, and demonstrated genuine interest in my well-being by listening to me, whatever my concerns or questions might be, and I obviously felt that I was in good hands, or I might have chosen to see someone else. I moved about a year ago; if I had not, Dr. Briscoe would remain my psychiatrist for as long as I could see him.

For more patient reviews, go to this link.

Note: NEXT STEP 2MH also houses several speciality clinics, including specialty clinics for ADHD and OCD and Anxiety.
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