Fees vary based on the doctor providing services and the extent of services required in each individual case.  Call for more information: 502-339-2442

Fees are due at time of service.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash, or Check.

Some of our clients use Health Saving Accounts to pay for services.

The fees are tax deductible for some of our clients.

To schedule an appointment call 502-339-2442 or email us at info@nextstep.doctor


We are frequently asked, “Do you accept insurance?”

We DO have a form that we can provide you with at the time of each visit that will allow you to file a claim with your insurance should you choose to seek reimbursement on your own.  Some of our patients choose to do this, some of them do not.  Some clients choose NOT to file with their insurance company because they want to protect their privacy.  Some clients don’t want to involve their insurance due to concerns for how it might affect their insurance rate or fear being dropped by their insurer.  The Affordable Care Act (which prohibits insurers from discriminating based pre-existing conditions) has lessened some concerns about this in recent years, but some of our patients still prefer to keep their information private from insurers given the possibility that the Affordable Care Act might someday be repealed.

We do not contract directly with insurance companies because these contracts would REQUIRE us to release YOUR medical record to the insurance company – even if you did not want them involved.  In order for us to be reimbursed, the insurance company would require our doctor to “give you” a MENTAL DISORDER DIAGNOSIS,  and submit that to the insurance company at the time of the FIRST visit – even if you do not have a mental illness!

That doesn’t seem right to us or to our patients.   We are happy to provide you with a form to file an insurance claim on your own – but we want to GIVE YOU THE OPTION TO CHOOSE whether or not you want to involve the insurance.

Many clients don’t bother with the insurance because they realize they can see our medical providers for a full year for less than the cost of a cell phone plan. But some do file and receive a fair amount of reimbursement back from the insurance.



The professionals listed as “Independent Providers” on this website are solely tenants of KPMHS (the “Tenant Providers”) and are not partners, employees, independent contractors or agents of KPMHS. Tenant Providers do not provide care or services on behalf of KPMHS but rather provide care or services independently and solely on their own behalf. KPMHS is not and shall not be held liable or responsible in any respect in connection with care or services provided by Tenant Providers.

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