The pain of emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and other related struggles is oftentimes the most excruciating of all forms of human suffering.  The grip of mental illness and emotional difficulty can be unrelenting, and can make life incredibly difficult – both for the person suffering and for the many family members, friends, co-workers, pastors, and others impacted by the struggle.

The struggle of mental illness and emotional distress can be particularly difficult for Christians. Persons of faith who are struggling oftentimes delay seeking professional help out of fear that a psychiatrist or psychologist will not understand or respect the Christian faith.  Others delay for lack of knowing where to turn for competent, expert professional help.

Vision Statement:

Next Step 2MH exists to serve as a conduit of God’s Grace. As a team of highly skilled and highly specialized mental health professionals, we seek to apply the best of modern medicine and science in an effort to alleviate suffering and to provide hope, healing, and restoration to a fallen world.

Mission Statement:

Next Step 2MH is committed to the following Mission and Core Values:

  • To provide high level, evidence-based psychiatric and psychological care to the citizens of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.
  • To provide every client with a premium level of service and VIP treatment.
  • To serve as a safe resource for Christians who are struggling within our community.*  A resource for mental healthcare that does not conflict with the Christian worldview or the work of God in the lives of persons struggling with complex issues of the body and heart.   A resource that honors Christian values, respects Christian beliefs, and glorifies God.
  • To assist pastoral caregivers, Christian Counselors, and Christian Counseling Centers in caring for clients who are struggling. Next Step 2MH is not a Christian Counseling Center and does not intend to replace the services provided by much needed and valuable counseling centers in the area; rather, we seek to partner with and collaborate with Christian Counselors in the care of persons who require specialized psychiatric and psychological care.
  • To support other Christian groups and organizations in the community who care deeply about the interplay between faith and mental health
  • To educate students of medicine, psychology, and theology (seminary) regarding the relevance of religion and spirituality in the care psychiatric and psychological disorders.
  • To build and maintain an optimal workplace for our employees that is family-friendly, supportive, well-paying, and focused on glorying God above all else.
  • To support and grow our staff and associates’ relationship with Christ.
It is our hope to provide you and your family with the kind of care that one would expect to find at an Ivy-League Institution – the only difference being that we are a team made up of like-minded followers of Christ.
 *We do not discriminate against non-Christians or persons who hold other worldviews. We understand that certain persons may prefer to not have a faith-based approach to their care and respect these preferences.  Whether a client prefers a faith-based or a purely secular approach, we are dedicated to providing a straightforward, common-sense approach to psychiatry and psychology that meets the highest standards of competency.