Mission Statement:

Next Step 2MH is a Team of Highly Skilled and specialized Mental Health Professionals who seek to apply the best of modern medicine and science to help persons who struggle with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD and other forms of mental distress.  We bring together professionals with proven track records of success in order to bring together a multidisciplinary team of collaborative specialists who are personable, compassionate, and extraordinarily competent.
In all that we do, we seek to provide a level of personalized care and service that goes ‘above and beyond,’ in order that persons and families in distress may find hope and healing.

Why the Name ‘Next Step 2MH’? What does ’Next Step 2MH’ Mean?

The ‘2MH’ that follows Next Step in our name stands for ‘2 Mental Health’.   Hence, the organization’s full name is “Next Step 2 Mental Health.”  The idea for the name comes from the many stories we have heard of persons/families who have had frustrating experiences trying to find optimal mental health services. 


In our high-paced, insurance-based health care system, it is often very difficult to find highly skilled mental health professionals who really seem to care deeply about their clients/patients and who actually have the time to provide highest-quality, evidence based treatments that work.
Individuals and families have reported to us that many therapists simply “talk,” without utilizing empirically proven therapies or providing practical application of strategies to in day-to-day situations.  Sadly, in many situations, – especially in corporate, insurance-based practices – patients/clients are herded through an office in 5-10min appointments with a psychiatrist, handed a prescription very quickly, and sent out the door.   The treatment setting can feel impersonal and the treatments rendered can sometimes be suboptimal.  Frustrated, some persons give up on the mental health system entirely and turn to their primary care provider for treatment, only to be treated with a very limited arsenal of ineffective medications and no therapy – leading to unnecessary and prolonged suffering.  Sometimes persons turn to their pastor or priest for help, and, while frequently very supportive, pastors sometimes require professional assistance to address certain situations.

Next Step 2MH was created for persons seeking a higher level of professional mental health care and personal service.

At Next Step 2MH, we have created a model of practice that allows our professionals to spend sufficient time with clients/patients necessary to provide an optimal level of care.   We have selected some of the most highly skilled and specialized mental health professionals in the area who have a proven track record of success, and placed these professionals together “under one roof.”  We provide a model of care that does everything possible to optimize your experience and the potential for a successful outcome.   Our staff is trained to treat every client as a VIP – to provide an exceptional level of service and support to every client, in every situation, every time.  Our doctors spend TIME with clients – time to understand who you are as a person, time to develop a solid understanding of the factors contributing to one’s distress, time to develop a treatment plan that is both personalized and based on sound, scientifically proven treatments.   Treatments are clearly explained to clients.  And clients are encouraged to ask questions and be fully educated, equipped, and empowered with knowledge about their mental health and pathways towards wellness. Our doctors are available to clients both during and outside appointment times.  When multiple approaches to treatment are needed (e.g. medications from an M.D. and therapy from a specialized CBT therapist) our professionals communicate/collaborate closely with one another to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible.  Additionally, we have developed relationships with other skilled professionals in the area that we trust, and our doctors personally assist persons and their families in navigating the complex mental health care system when needed.   We also provide support services for pastors seeking to help persons within their congregations struggling with mental illness.

In all that we do, we seek to provide a level of personalized care and service that delivers the best of modern medicine and science to individuals and families in the Kentuckiana area.

If you would like to explore the Next Step in professional mental health care and personal service, for yourself, your family, or someone you care about, feel free to give us a call at 502-339-2442 or send us an email at: info@nextstep.doctor