Welcome to Next Step 2MH, LLC.  A clinic with expertise in serving the Christian community…

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, we are an organization dedicated to providing highest quality psychiatric and psychological services, with expertise in serving the Christian community.

To accomplish this mission, we have assembled a team of competent, gifted, and highly specialized mental health professionals, all of whom are all committed Christians.  Each professional has been carefully selected on their level of skill and expertise in a specialized area of expertise.  The vast majority of our professionals have obtained the highest level degree available in their fields of study.  Many serve (or have recently served) in full-time academic teaching positions.  Some are highly published, some are nationally known and respected for their areas of expertise, and some hold significant leadership positions in their national professional organizations as well as national parachurch organizations.

By assembling an “A Team” of highly competent professionals, we seek to apply the best of modern medicine and science in an effort to alleviate suffering and to provide hope, healing, and restoration to persons and families who are struggling.

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