Ilene Bosscher, MA, MDiv, PTC

 Marriage Counselor in Louisville, KY

Individual and Marriage CounselingI have been receiving counseling for a few months. I have gained more understanding and seen more growth in myself with Ilene Bosscher than with any other counselor I have seen.
She truly cares for us!Ilene has been very instrumental in helping my husband and I navigate especially difficult circumstances. Her extensive knowledge about psychology theory, mental illness and scripture is evident. She frequently recommends additional resources for us to further our understanding, which has been extremely helpful. Ilene has a calmness about her that is comforting. She truly cares for us and we are grateful for how she has been an advocate for our marriage and individual emotional well-beings.
Accommodating and helpful!!!Was very pleased with how quickly Ilene was able to work me into her schedule and felt that our time together was productive and helpful.
Highly SatisfiedVery responsive to my inquiry. Unhurried phone conversation to determine needs and fit. Highly credentialed resource. Successfully into ongoing counseling.
The best counselor I have ever had...She is the best counselor I have ever had. She knows the right thing to help keep you on track and guide you at all times.

Are you struggling in your relationship or your marriage? Lost your connection to each other? Feel like you just can’t communicate any longer with your spouse? Trying to hang on to your marriage but not sure if you will be able to work it out?

Ilene Bosscher, MA, MDiv, PTC is dually licensed as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who understands relationships – what can go wrong, how to get things back on track and restore the peace and love that defined your relationship years ago.

Ilene is a mother of five grown children and has been the wife of a busy surgeon for 36 years. She understands parenting, the challenges of busy professional life, and the consequent effects on the marital relationship. Ilene has been trained in all of the top three marital therapies: Gottman, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Imago. She has also served as the President of the Greater Louisville Medical Society Alliance, as well as served at the state and national levels of medical alliances, experiences that have left her uniquely equipped to care for marriages of doctors and other busy professionals.

With over 12 years experience as a Counseling Pastor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and as a graduate of The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and MidAmerica Nazarene University specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Counseling, and Theology, Ilene Bosscher brings to the table a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise that can help you and your spouse restore the love that once was.

In addition to being a prominent relationship and family therapist, Ilene is also a highly sought-after Registered Play Therapist and serves as President-Elect of the Kentucky Association for Play Therapy. Play Therapy ( is a well-respected evidence-based means of engaging and helping children who have trouble directly communicating about their emotional difficulties. If your child is struggling with emotional or behavioral difficulties, and having trouble communicating the cause and/or nature of their struggle, play therapy may be very helpful.


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