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Premium Quality Mental Health Care in Louisville, Kentucky provided by specialized and highly skilled professionals who respect and share Christian values

Are you looking for help with anxiety? Feeling overwhelmed? Unable to fall asleep? Can’t turn your mind off? Having mood swings or anxious thoughts? In a ‘dark place’ and unable to pull yourself out? Unable to focus? Or is your child struggling in school, sports, activities, or in their relationships? Are they suffering from undue distress associated with anxiety, depression, or insomnia? We serve residents living in and around Metro Louisville, Jefferson, Bullitt, Spenser, Shelby and Oldham Counties in Kentucky. We also serve Southern Indiana. Our mental health professionals are here to help.

Struggling to find solutions that actually work? 2019 gives you an opportunity to begin again, and we can help.

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At Next Step 2MH(2 Mental Health), we specialize in highly personalized, premium quality mental health care. Our multidisciplinary team of providers are selected from among the most highly skilled and specialized professionals in the area and have proven track records of success with clients.

We utilize evidence-based, scientifically proven approaches to treatment and employ staff trained to go ‘above and beyond’ in their support and care for clients/patients. When you become a client of our practice you are not ‘a number, but a person for whom we will do everything within our ability to serve and support while providing you with the best treatments that modern medicine and science have to offer.

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Patient Reviews

The following are excerpts from anonymous reviews gathered from several doctor rating sites on the internet:
Dr. Nichols:Mom and behavioral health professionalI don’t know where our family would be without Dr. Nichols. He gives us such sound recommendations and is so relatable. He really likes to puzzle out the issues of our (somewhat) complicated child, and then present us with options for treatment. We have followed him to several practices and locations and would not consider another psychiatrist for our child. I have recommended him in both my professional and personal capacity.
Dr. BriscoeExcellent PhysicianI would recommend Dr. Briscoe to a friend or loved one without hesitation. Dr. Briscoe treated me for about 7 years and I improved a great deal under his care. He has a great depth of knowledge in psychiatry and medicine, and demonstrated genuine interest in my well-being by listening to me, whatever my concerns or questions might be, and I obviously felt that I was in good hands, or I might have chosen to see someone else. I moved about a year ago; if I had not, Dr. Briscoe would remain my psychiatrist for as long as I could see him.

Note: NEXT STEP 2MH also houses several speciality clinics, including specialty clinics for ADHD and OCD and Anxiety.