What is Bipolar Disorder? Next Step 2MH treats those dealing with bipolar disorder and other mental health concerns.

What is Bipolar Disorder

One of the most dangerous aspects is that multiple untreated manic or hypomanic episodes can be very harmful to the brain. They can sometimes even lead to cognitive impairment and/or decreasing IQ over time. (This can happen because leaving mania untreated is a lot like running a car eighty miles an hour all day, every day. Eventually the motor—the brain—will break down.)

Psychologist Kevin Chapman

Louisville Magazine – DEC 2018 – Centre College Ad

Louisville Magazine – DEC 2018 Centre College featured Alumnus, Dr. Kevin Chapman, Clinical Psychologist, Class of 2000. Dr. Chapman is also featured in A&E’s popular series “60 days In“. Dr. Chapman specializes in the delivery of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorders such as panic disorder (panic attacks), social anxiety, worry, and phobias. He…

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“Tis the Season to be Jolly!”

SAD is a yearly pattern of depressed mood usually beginning in fall or winter and lasting until spring. Fall and winter SAD usually presents with excessive sleeping, overeating with a craving for carbohydrates, weight gain, and low energy. Fewer people may have a form of SAD that occurs in spring or early summer. This type is more likely to be associated with insomnia, low appetite, weight loss, and agitation or anxiety.