James Santos, M.Div.

 Pastoral Care and Grief Counseling

Need to talk to a pastor, but having trouble finding a pastor that has time to sit down with you?

Pastors in today’s churches are often overwhelmed with requests from members to provide one-on-one counseling. Although most pastors would prefer to sit down one-on-one with every person in their church who is struggling, there simply are not enough hours in the day to do so.

Perhaps you are struggling with something that does not require intervention from a doctor or psychotherapist. Perhaps you just need someone to listen and to walk with you through a difficult time – and have been unsuccessful finding a friend who is able to do so without passing judgment or sticking with you for the long haul.

James Santos, M.Div., provides pastoral care for individuals and families seeking spiritual direction and support/care through hard times or loss. James specializes in the area of grief and loss, but is also able to provide pastoral care and counsel for a broad variety of life struggles including, but not limited to: feelings of shame and guilt, low self-esteem, identity crises, mid-life crises, divorce, aging, and theological questions.

James completed his Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Florida Baptist Theological College (now known as Baptist College of Florida) and obtained his Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He serves as pastor at the East Campus of Sojourn Community Church, as a Hospice Chaplain for Amedisys in Southern Indiana, and pastor for KPMHS’s staff and executive leadership.

James provides one-on-one pastoral care to persons and families out of our offices at KPMHS.


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