Patricia Chandler, M.D.

 Christian Psychiatrist Specializing in Adult Mental Health

Dr. Chandler is an experienced psychiatrist who specializes in the diagnosis and medical treatment of mental health struggles in adults. She treats Mood and Anxiety Disorders, OCD, ADHD of Adulthood and more.

After earning her medical degree from Indiana University Medical School, Dr. Chandler completed residency training in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Louisville where she served as co-chief resident in 1993. Three years of private practice in Frankfort, KY was followed by 5 years in Community Mental Health. The past 15 years have been in private practice through a large Christian church.

As a follower of Jesus, she is passionate about nourishing the spirit and soul throughout the treatment process. While all persons from all world views are treated respectfully and without judgment, she enjoys incorporating spiritual principles, scripture and prayer in sessions when desired.